Magazine publishing services

Editorial consultation and proofreading

Our award-winning editors serve as consultants to the publishing staffs of each FAITH magazine. Not only do they assist in planning content and editorial themes, they also share creative ideas and strategies that have worked for other clients in the FAITH family of publications. Once they are ready for press, all FAITH magazines are professionally proofread.

Each year, FAITH staff members interact with the staffs of all of our client publications, in personal, onsite visits to the client’s location or at the FAITH design studio, as well as at an annual gathering of FAITH editors hosted by FAITH Catholic. Beginning in 2015, FAITH Catholic will host its annual editor’s meeting in conjunction with the Catholic Media Conference presented by the Catholic Press Association.

Graphic design

Our professional designers will transform your local content – raw photos, text and ads – along with any FAITH magazine content you choose, into a high impact, full-color magazine. You can choose between FAITH magazine’s proven layout format or we can design a unique look for your publication.

Printing and mailing services

Included in our services are printing and print management. FAITH Catholic has partnered with the leader in print procurement to best match your publication with the right printer at the best price. Mailing services include preparing your list, NCOA certification, ink-jetting the recipient’s address, the option of ink-jetting a message from the recipient’s parish, sorting and entry into the mail stream.

Spanish content and bilingual publishing

Our FAITH Catholic content is available in Spanish. Plus, FAITH Catholic can creat a bi-lingual publication customed to your specifications. Some clients have us produce a publication with a Spanish section, others have us produce a fully bilingual magazine. We can also translate your content.

Business planning and consultation

Every diocesan publication has a unique funding plan. FAITH Catholic’s business planning and consultation have a proven track record in assisting dioceses in managing their publications. We make every effort to ensure that you have all the support and information you need to set attainable financial goals and operate your publication on budget.

Marketing support

It is important to build ownership and support for your new publication with magazine launch materials. Included in our services are launch posters and story idea forms. Also included is access to an archive of house ads that promote common diocesan ministries such as: Vocations, religious education, cemeteries, marriage enrichment, RCIA and more. If you need materials for an appeal, subscription drive or more, our marketing team will be happy to assist you.

Advertising support

If your publication decides to accept advertising, FAITH Catholic will provide you with a basic media kit. Included in our services is a media kit design and an initial print run of brochures and rate sheets. We can help you craft a rate sheet and assist your sales staff with training and ideas. Additionally, you can opt to join other FAITH Catholic clients in the FAITH Advertising Network, where national or regional ads can be sold and placed in participating client publications.

Digital editions

Create the immersed experience of a magazine online with FAITH Catholic’s digital editions. Features include page-flipping technology, search capability, links for instant interaction, the ability to track reader response and embed audio and video. Included in our service are digital editions for each print edition, hosting and archiving up to three years. iPad, Kindle Fire and Android apps for your digital edition also are available.

FAITH Catholic content for your website

Get all FAITH columns for your website. Content and artwork are updated monthly and you can set up as many as you like as links on your home page. Consider posting FAITH columns on your site that you don’t have room for in your magazine. Use all, us some, use none – it’s up to you.

FAITH Advertising Network

High impact

FAITH Catholic magazines are high-quality publications mailed to registered members of local parishes.

Passionate readers

Two independent readership audits confirmed that FAITH Magazine – which is designed to uplift and inspire through compelling, people-based stories – is passionately read by a wide range of adult age groups.

National awards

FAITH Magazine has won more than 40 awards from the Catholic Press Association.

National awards from the Catholic Press Association include:

1st Place: General Excellence
1st Place: Best Web Site
1st Place: Best Special Issue

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