Magazine publishing

FAITH CATHOLIC is the NATIONAL LEADER in Publishing for Dioceses and Catholic Organizations

Why is the work of FAITH Catholic necessary? Only 20 years ago, 50 percent of registered Catholics attended weekly Mass. That number is now less than 25 percent. America’s growing secular culture has resulted in less religious identification than ever before. The call for a New Evangelization is greater than ever.

FAITH Catholic exists to help your diocese or Catholic organization answer that call. Today, one in five Americans receiving a diocesan publication receives a magazine from FAITH Catholic. And our growing presence in digital and online communications means we’re leading the way in content evangelization.

Everything we do at FAITH Catholic is intended for one purpose:
To connect people with Jesus and his Church.

What is Content Evangelization?

Making it easy for Catholics to evangelize with your content.

FAITH Catholic helps you to:

  • Develop Catholic content that builds up disciples
  • Enable Catholics to easily find your content
  • Encourage Catholics to share your content with others
  • Produce Catholic content in every form of media: print, online and mobile

Send your questions to: Patrick M. O’Brien, president and chief executive officer of FAITH Catholic. 517.853.7601 or