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In the know with Fr. Joe:

A former major network comedy writer who became a priest, Father Joe Krupp writes FAITH’s best-read column. Its success is due to a mix of teaching, straight talk and humor.

Saint of the month:

A lively biography of a saint whose feast is this month.

Spiritual fitness:

Sister Ann Shields offers a reflection on a theme, and walks us through a related prayer experience or spiritual exercise.

Theology 101:

Theology 101 presents catechetical material in an easy-to-understand format.  From in-depth explorations of Scripture with noted seminary professors to the Year-of-Faith series about Catechism and Vatican II, Theology 101 is an invaluable teaching tool.

Moral theology:

Professor Janet Smith from Sacred Heart Major Seminary and Jason Negri from the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide address issues of moral theology that are relevant to readers’ lives.

Special Reports:

An in-depth Catholic perspective on the hot-button topics in the news.

Marriage matters:

Deacon Tom Fogle and his wife, Jo Anne, provide useful faith-based tips and ideas about how to strengthen marriage. This column addresses communication, finances, time and romance.

Parenting journey:

Dr. Cathleen McGreal, a certified spiritual director and professor of psychology, bridges faith with parenting techniques.

Work life:

Jim Berlucchi is the executive director of the Spitzer Center and a member of the USCCB Committee on Communications. His Work Life column addresses scenarios that occur in the everyday  workplace – bringing a mix of practical advice and spiritual insight to the problems that occur where many readers spend most of their time – on the job.

Conflict resolution:

Dr. Gelasia Marquez gives quick tips about how to deal with difficult relationships.


Michelle Sessions DiFranco treats readers to our rich tradition – expressed in food and craft activities. FAITH’s recipes tie in to our spiritual heritage and taste as good as they look.

Crossword puzzle:

An engaging and informative way to learn more about the Church and Catholic theology.

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