FAITH Catholic exists for one purpose – to connect people with Jesus and his Church.

FAITH began in 2000 as a magazine for the Diocese of Lansing, and in 2003, began publishing for other dioceses and Catholic organizations. In 2009, FAITH merged with the diocese’s 40-year-old liturgical publisher, Liturgical Commission Publishings, to form FAITH Catholic. FAITH Catholic also hosts Masstimes.org, a powerful tool for travelers to locate a church and Mass near them. This is paired with FAITH’s catholiceventfinder.com, a calendar site that allows users to create and find Catholic events.

Today, 1 in 5 Americans receiving a diocesan publication receives a FAITH Catholic publication.

At FAITH Catholic, we are many things – editors, writers, graphic designers, web developers and religious educators – but primarily, we are content evangelists.

Through our custom publishing products, we provide the stories that are shared around the dinner table and the columns that enable a parent or spouse to broach that “difficult talk,” the special reports that keep faith-filled Catholics informed about Church teaching so they can evangelize their families, friends and coworkers.

Through our liturgical products, we provide liturgical ministers the tools for evangelizing from the pulpit with aids for homilies, general intercessions and commentaries on the readings.

And we do all of this through a variety of media in print and digital formats. We can also design your website and help you manage your data collection. Together, we can use new technologies to reach people with a timeless message.

What are the goals of the FAITH Custom Publishing format?

  • To remind people why they are Catholic
  • To strengthen readers’ connection to the Church
  • To inspire, inform and educate

Why does the FAITH Custom Publishing format work?

  • FAITH content is a curated mix of personal faith stories that inspire, columns that relate to everyday life and special reports that inform.
  • Glossy magazines with high-impact graphics and high readership numbers get you over the first hurdle – getting your content read.

You are in control

You have 100 percent control of your publication – use all of our content, some – or none. It is up to you.

You control:

  • Size
  • Staffing
  • Advertising
  • Content
  • Frequency
  • Pages

FAITH’s multi-media approach to content evangelization

The Church’s call for a new evangelization means sharing the eternal message of Jesus Christ using new methods. FAITH Catholic answers that call with

  • Website design and hosting services
    • Drupal-based content management system that allows you to upload content easily, control navigation, add pages, integrate digital editions, calendars, RSS feeds, social media and more.
  • Diocesan data collection software
    • Parishes log on and submit their data – instantly updating diocesan records with a user-friendly web-based system.
    • Diocesan officials have access to current data for reports
  • Diocesan mobile directory
    • Easily search for parishes by name or city
    • Search for pastors
    • Find diocesan offices and schools
    • Use any mobile phone to link to phone numbers or activate your navigation system.
  • Other data solutions
    • Digital magazine design and hosting
    • Bulk e-mail blasts
    • E-commerce solutions

FAITH’s liturgical products

  • Homilies for Sunday and weekday Masses
  • Commentaries with General Intercessions for Sunday and weekday Masses
  • Buy in-stock products or customize your own
    • Pew cards
    • Worship aids
    • Parish ministry information
    • Books and DVDs

Send your questions to: Patrick M. O’Brien, president and chief executive officer of FAITH Catholic. 517.853.7601 or pobrien@faithcatholic.com